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The 2018-2020 School Improvement Plan is a detailed plan of action to make Clyde Elementary a place where every child can receive the highest quality of education.

Please click Clyde School Improvement Plan 2018-2020 to view our school’s improvement goals.

Our School Improvement Committee meets regularly, on the third Monday of every month.


Principal: Byron Burnette

Assistant Principal: Amy Tiller

Lead Teacher: Stephanie Reinhardt

Teacher Representative 5th: Karley Wells and Karie Mathis

Teacher Representative 4th: Lauren King

Teacher Representative 3rd: Kim Serenius

Teacher Representative 2nd: Sherry Justice

Teacher Representative 1st: Sophie Spurrier

Teacher Representative K: Wendy Underwood

Teacher Representative EC: Jacqueline Willis

Teacher Representative II: Jessalyn Rathbone

Specialist Representative: Kristin Herring

Teacher Assistant Representative: Susan Breese

Title 1 Representative: Erin Horton

Title 1 Representative: Kelly Deaver

Parent Representatives: Nora Doggett, Amanda Cooke, Amy Hector


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  • Clyde Elementary School
  • Byron Burnette, Principal
  • 4182 Old Clyde Rd. Clyde, NC 28721
  • 828.627.2206
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