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All Pro Dad’s Day breakfasts are events held one day per week every month.  The meetings, facilitated by Anthony Tiller, start with fathers introducing themselves and their children to the group and then sharing why they are proud of their kids.

Following the introductions, there is a discussion of a family topic meant to equip fathers and children with tips and resources to strengthen their relationships. These topics include but are not limited to goal setting, peer pressure, acceptance, friendship, character development, disciplining with a gentle spirit, encouragement of creativity, and many other topics men and families must face.

The program also involves fathers getting involved with the PTO to strengthen the relationship between fathers, the school, teachers, and the community.

“We want to flood the school with support from dads,” said Tiller. “Research has shown the enormous impact fathers have in the lives of children. This is all about us … men … dads being there for our children. It is what they want and need … time.  We can make a difference.”

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Upcoming Events

April 9, 2018
HCS - Holiday
April 10, 2018
HCS - Holiday
April 11, 2018
HCS - Annual Leave Day
April 12, 2018
HCS - Annual Leave Day
April 13, 2018
HCS - Annual Leave Day
May 28, 2018
HCS - Annual Leave Day
June 14, 2018
HCS - last day for students

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