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Jessalyn Rathbone

Grade Level/Subject Taught/ Position:
Grades 2-5 … II
What year did you start working at Clyde Elementary School?
Personal work experience and past careers:
Started working at Clyde Elementary immediately following graduation from WCU, and completed several volunteer and student teaching opportunities at Meadowbrook Elementary.
Family/ Pets:
No spouse
No kids
No pets
Where are you from?
Canton, NC
Enjoy listening to music, completing craft projects, cooking, watching baseball, and spending time with my family.
Fun Facts about you:
***I spent time working in an orphanage in China this summer!
***I enjoy ziplining!



Contact Information

  • Position Title: Teacher
  • E-mail address: jerathbone@haywood.k12.nc.us

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  • Clyde Elementary School
  • Karley Wells, Principal
  • 4182 Old Clyde Rd. Clyde, NC 28721
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