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Grade Level/Subject Taught/ Position:
Physical Education PreK-5
What year did you start working at Clyde Elementary School?
Personal work experience and past careers:
Haywood Christian Academy 2007-2011
—Baseball (current) and Football coach at Bethel Middle School 2003-2016—
2 Girls Marley and Lynley
Where are you from?
Haywood county
Spending time with my girls, Music, Woodworking
Fun Facts about you:
I can play about 4-5 instruments



Contact Information

  • Position Title: PE Teacher
  • E-mail address: ssharpe@haywood.k12.nc.us

Contact Us

  • Clyde Elementary School
  • Byron Burnette, Principal
  • 4182 Old Clyde Rd. Clyde, NC 28721
  • 828.627.2206
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