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Grade Level/Subject Taught/Position: Visual Art

How long you have been with Clyde Elementary: This is my first year! I am excited to have joined the Clyde family!

Personal work experience and past careers: before becoming an art teacher I studied 3D animation, graphic design and web design and did freelance work in those fields. I worked for iDTech Camp teaching kids 3D animation and spent a summer teaching teens Web design in Saudi Arabia.

Kids/Family/Pets: I was late starting at Clyde this year because I was on maternity leave looking after my first child, my daughter Eliza Claire. I have two fur babies, a dog Eva and a cat Picasso.

Where you are from: I have lived all over the country! I was born in Vermont and then lived in Maryland, Colorado, Southern California, and New Hampshire before moving to Asheville 10 years ago.

Hobbies: Art of course! I especially love painting. I also enjoy gardening, playing computer games, and going on hikes.

Fun facts about you:

I fell in love with history as a teenager and sewed elaborate costumes to wear to historical reenactments.


Contact Information

  • Position Title: Art Teacher
  • E-mail address: chooper@haywood.k12.nc.us

Upcoming Events

August 20, 2018
HCS - 12:30 Dismissal
September 3, 2018
HCS - Holiday
October 12, 2018
HCS - Mandatory Teacher Workday
November 12, 2018
HCS - Holiday
November 21, 2018
HCS - Annual Leave Day
November 22, 2018
HCS - Holiday
November 23, 2018
HCS - Holiday
December 24, 2018
HCS - Holiday
December 25, 2018
HCS - Holiday
December 26, 2018
HCS - Holiday
December 27, 2018
HCS - Annual Leave Day
December 28, 2018
HCS - Annual Leave Day
December 31, 2018
HCS - Annual Leave Day
January 1, 2019
HCS - Holiday
January 2, 2019
HCS - Annual Leave Day

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